Bench Types

Basique System

Basique series offers a system which is most economical. All the cabinets are floor mounted and the worktop is directly supported by the cabinets and panels. No additional frame work support is required in this series. This system offers greater more storage space but flexibility is limited. The Basique series is normally preferred in educational laboratories.

Robuste System

Robuste series is designed for heavier loads. For laboratories with heavy equipments the work tops are placed on metal frames. The frames are arranged vertically and horizontally to give direct support to the worktop. The cabinets are placed on the horizontal supports of the frame work. The work benches are extremely sturdy and stable. The Robuste series is preferred in industries where heavy equipments are used.

Elastique System

Elastique series is used where flexible movement of cabinets is required. Worktops are mounted on cantilever or ā€˜Cā€™ frames in Elastique series. It also enables easy access for the plumbing, gas, electrical or any other service connections. Under bench cupboards are mobile or suspended and installed off the floor, which facilitates easy cleaning as well. This series provides great flexibility to the user and clear access to the floor space. The ā€œCā€™ frames are supplied with height adjustable leveling jacks to attain perfect balance of the work bench. Units can be added or removed if basic needs change, without altering the basic superstructure.

Combination System

The three systems can be mixed as Combination series to suit the needs of each individual laboratory. This would provide an ideal laboratory standard for deriving optimum benefit for the work place

Laboratory Work Benches

Nature of industry, requirement of the client and the allocated budget determine the choice of work benches. Laboratory work bench is a combination of appropriate worktop, under bench cabinets and service fittings.

Industrial workstations

Industrial workstations are a combination of right components placed together to achieve functionality and organization. Customization and multifacetedness are important aspects in industrial workstations, production floors and assembly lines. Workstation gives the employee the ability to adjust their workplace to their individual needs and settings. At TFI we design workstations based on individual requirement. We are focused and organized to guide you right from the design to the installation stage and provide you specialized workstations which are functional and cost effective to suit to your functionality. We strive to make our workstations economical and durable for the end user.