TFI provides high quality fume cupboards for all applications. TFI’s fume cupboards “Flow Zone” are widely used in various industries and educational sectors in the region.

Fume cupboards, being a key element in any laboratory, enables handling dangerous experiments with ease and safety. Fume hood selection, placement and system design is a critical part of the lab planning process. Durability, safety and cost are prime criteria in our FC design and manufacture as we strive to meet international standards. TFI provides high quality fume cupboards for all applications. TFI's fume cupboards "Flow Zone" are widely used in various industries and educational sectors in the region.

Flow zone is available in various sizes and models.

FZ-12-1200x850x2350mm                 FZ-15-1500x850x2350mm
FZ -18 -1800x850x2350mm               FZ -24 -2400x850x2350mm

Flowzone fume cupboards are manufactured with high quality raw materials and technical expertise.

Cabinet material: 1.2mm cold-rolled steel folded, welded, polished, acid cleaned, phosphoresced and coated withelectrostatic, corrosion resistant and oven dried spray paint.

Inner liner panel:Imported 6mm compact panels on the side with air flow guides on top to protect the wall and facilitate air discharge. Modular construction that can be easily disassembled for cleaning and reassembly. Acids, alkali, moisture and high temperature-resistant.

Worktop: 19 mm thick solid epoxy resin worktop with built in rounded edges rim of not less than 25 mm thick raised edge and continuous on all four sides of the table. Worktop is acid and alkali resistant, moisture, Impact and high temperature resistant.

Sash: 5mm thick tempered safety glass sashes in a stainless steel frame, able to slide laterally in the frame and vertically with the frame. Frame is balanced from elevation and sides so as it can be stopped at any position by pulling the handle up or down. It can be positioned at any level by pulling the handle. Stainless steel handle, sprayed with epoxy resin coating, is along the glass edge.

Lighting:30W antisepsis daylight lamp is fitted in gas insulated housing to provide not less than 400 lux of light flux on the working table.

Control panel:Lighting switch, ON/OFF switch, two sets of 220V/10A versatile electric socket. LCD monitor controls all system on the fume cupboard.

Accessories:Epoxy resin coated water control valve. Epoxy coated air control valve with safety function to avoid air leakage. The valve will not be unintentionally turned on unless it’s pressed. Epoxy coated gas control valve. PP cup sink. Single air and gas faucet treated with epoxy paint.

Under bench Cabinet:
4 double walled doors made of 1.0 mm thick cold-rolled steel and spray painted with Stainless steel handles and hinges.


  • Work top: Phenolic Resin or Compact laminate.
  • Under bench cabinet: Polypropylene or inflammable under bench storage cabinet.
  • Blower: Polypropylene exhaust fan, single phase or 3 phase.
  • Air flow Monitor: Velocity Alarm Air flow Monitor-Digital and CLED.

Our Fume cupboard is tested to achieve a Face velocity of value between 0.4-0.6m/s when the sash is at 24’’ (the sash is fully opened).

E-Brochure of Flowzone Fume Cupboards.